About Bob

“About Me” from a person who knows me fairly well (myself) but still with varying truth/fact content:

I have a Ph.D. in English but that doesn’t necessarily make me a bad person

I wrote my first song in college in 1965 but I forget how it goes

Work With Composers

I’ve been fortunate to work with three very interesting modern composers: Brenda Hutchinson, Gustave Matamoros and Jon Christopher Nelson.  My part was supplying text and sometimes vocal sounds also — I had a vocal dystonia for a while that sounded pretty interesting when close-miked.

Brenda Hutchinson‘s music is here (I don’t think our stuff ended up being recorded).


Learn more about her here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brenda_Hutchinson

You can learn more about Gustavo Matamoros and his music here: http://eleguarecords.com/matamoros.htm

You can check out out one of the duo works — “Crypsis” — on Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/Gustavo-Matamoros-Robert-Gregory-Crypsis/dp/B002V4VR1Y/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&s=dmusic&qid=1298570747&sr=1-9

Jon Christopher Nelson‘s music is here: http://music.unt.edu/comp/jcnelson/

He wrote pieces using two of my poems for text and title; the recordings are here:

the rain has a slap and a curve, recording released in November 1998 on the Centaur label’s Consortium for the Distribution of Computer Music (CDCM) CD Series, Volume 27, “CEMIsonics: The Threshold of Sound,” CRC 2407.

They Wash Their Ambassadors in Citrus and Fennel, recording with Heidi Dietrich Klein performing, released in March 1998 on the Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States “Music from SEAMUS 7” compact disc (EAM 9801).


My books of poems are listed on my other site, where I also ramble on sometimes about my interests and/or delusions.  http://beautifulcityofweeds.blogspot.com

Radio Show

I do a radio show on WRFL 88.1 in Lexington, Kentucky.  It’s every other Saturday, from noon to 2 pm.  Mainly folk, blues, gospel, bluegrass, old-time and pre-1970s country. You can listen here: http://wrfl.fm/ and choose “listen in”….

Opera Someday?

I attended a workshop on writing for opera when I lived in Miami and wrote a “recitative” that Brenda Hutchinson set as one of the homework assignments.  I still think it would be fun to try a libretto.